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Thread: suggestions on where to buy T60

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    suggestions on where to buy T60

    Looking to buy the sony T-60, but all the places I been require credit card and at least 6 months activation. For obvious reasons that is not the route I want to take. Can someone suggest either an Internet dealer or bricks and mortor store. Also do they still come with the access card or do I have to get that from Directv?

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    Only place I know is ebay.


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    i got mine on a site called "onecall" they preferred credit card but required NO SERVICE CONTRACT on this unit!!! , they did require it on stand alone dtv units , but not the T60 , i called twice to ask if this was possible and both operators confirmed it. i did happen to sub the thing , so i don't know if there would have been a big suuprise at the end of the month , and the other bad news is that they are currently out of stock but , it might be worth checking out , the add said "coming soon"
    ps , card included!
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