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Thread: HELP-- TivoHD HDMI issue post-hack

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    HELP-- TivoHD HDMI issue post-hack

    I have an eProm hacked TivoHD. It has a 2tb WD drive in it (limited to 1.2gb or so, as I recall, but it's been a while). I hacked / put in place a replacement initrd a couple of years ago. Everything was working previously.

    Before doing anything today, everything was working fine.

    So I took out the drive, followed these instructions to install the hack again: (I added the . before the command that it is missing it, and created a file, which are corrections that need to be made to the instructions.

    After the installation, the TiVo booted fine and I was able to telnet into it. At this point, I hadn't screwed the hard drive back into the TiVo yet, or put the cover back on. So I shutdown, and did those things.

    Then, when I booted up again, after the initial "Warming Up" screen, I get a black screen. I've tried reverting to my backed up sda3, but still the same problem.

    Interestingly, I happened to try a component video cable, and the TiVo seems to work fine on component video, just not on HDMI.

    My conclusion: Somehow, I corrupted the kernel during my upgrade process, and I need to restore a good copy of /dev/sda3

    Thoughts? Any idea how I get a good copy of /dev/sda3?

    I still have my original TiVoHD 160gb drive, which, I assume, if I put in the TiVo and leave for a while, will get upgraded to the current version of the software. Can I then just dd the /dev/sda3 or /dev/sda7 from the 160gb drive to the 2gb /dev/sdb3?

    --> C


    P.S. Because of some recent fairly tragic events in my family, I don't want to lose some of the recordings that are on the drive. There are some recorded news shows relating to our family tragedy.

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    One thing to at least preserve the recordings would be to download the shows to your computer using ctivo or the equivalent.

    then you can try to restore the lost functionality without risking your recordings.

    sorry about your recent family events


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    No, your kernel is not corrupted

    Most likely the hdmi failures people have reported, including me on one tivoHD with exact same symptoms.

    There is a knows hardware problem that can happen at anytime the tivo reboots. It loses connection through a bad solder joint or something with the hdcp chip and goes black when it tries to turn on hdcp

    My solution? Bought a monoprice component to hdmi box for $38 and a spidf cable, so tivo spdif and component to hdmi box, box to tv, works perfectly at 1080i even.
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