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Thread: using the network internally without connecting to the service externally

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    SOLVED No usefull INFO, my lack of knowledge PLEASE delete!

    I'd like to use the ether with a static IP on MY net only.
    As soon a the network is enabled, it wants to talk to home.

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    Check your router. Many have the ability to block access to WAN by MAC or IP.

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    I Dont use a router inside, just a switch, all IP are static.

    If I block its ability to access the WAN, then it can't make connection home, and it fails, so the network isn't up and I can't use it.

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    DRMCheck.tcl IS on the path, as the mfs_ftp directory where the file's located is on the path. I have to run drmcheck from the mfs_ftp directory for it to work, though. Running it anywhere else gets the error message. That's strange.

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