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Thread: Mini reboot loop

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    Mini reboot loop

    Not sure if this is the right forum to ask in, but has anyone figured out how to force a factory reset on a TiVo Mini? I have one that's about 2 years old and it suddenly went into reboot loop that it can't get out of. The kickstart codes don't seem to work because it never gets to the point where it reads the "drive". The light comes on and the screen says "welcome powering up", it sits there for a bit, then the screen goes black, the light goes off for a second then it comes back on and the screen says "welcome powering up" again. On a working Mini that point where the screen goes black I can see the light flashing like it's accessing the "drive" then I get a "almost there" screen. So with the broken one it's like there is something wrong with the software and it's not able to boot. There isn't a reset button on the box anywhere so I was hoping one of you maybe had a way to access the box via ftp or telenet or something and force a hard reset. If not I'll just buy a new one, but if there is a way to save it I'd like to try.

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    That's a symptom of the TiVo OS not loading. Do Minis have drives? I've been away from TiVo for so long I am not familiar with these. Maybe they have flash memory for their OS. I wonder if the old kickstart codes work on the Minis. Try a Kickstart 52.

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