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Thread: Australia TiVo HD Slice generation and injection assistance?

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    Australia TiVo HD Slice generation and injection assistance?

    Does anyone have any links to information on how this is done?

    The TiVo presence in Australia has been almost non existent for the last 5+ years with the only regional distributor pulling out of the market. Our guide data has continued to work, but of late there have been some major problems with our communication with the TiVo mothership. It has reached the point where we might need to start to look at modding these units in a more proactive manner.

    I know there are people out there who are currently doing this around the world and would appreciate some tips on the slice format and how to get these pushed to the TiVo with a "simulated mothership" for TiVos to "phone home" to.

    We used to have a community for the original Series 1 units but many of the original players have since moved on and are no longer actively involved.

    We have already resolved the modchip component and have access to the underlying TiVo subsystems. We just need assistance with creating and injecting slices.

    I was sincerely hoping this step would not be required and either a new regional distributor would enter the market or that the guide data would just continue to flow. Sadly this is not the case as the previous distributor really screwed up and poisoned the apparent commercial viability in Australia. Hell I'm pretty sure most of us here would even start paying a subscription to keep our TiVos alive. Again though I doubt this will happen as our population is just too small.

    The current issue with every Australian TiVo which started a few weeks ago with this error when trying to phone home for guide data. (error at line 409)

    Here are the logs from when TiVo fixed it on the 27th Nov (success at line 409)

    Here are the logs from when it broke this week. (error at line 409)

    They only took 3 days to fix the issue last time but it has now been over 5 days and many Australians are starting to lose guide data and getting pretty pissed off.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started or at least work out how complicated the process is for slice generation and injection?

    I had a poke around at the slices the other week but they were locked behind some encryption I couldn't seem to work out how to unlock. There were a few posts around here that explained how to pull the data out but I couldn't get it to work.


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    OK TiVo fixed it much to the rest of Australia's delight. However the natives are restless and are concerned that one day they will pull the plug on us. I would still like to look into slice creation and injection for the inevitable day that TiVo stops supporting us.

    I understand the need for such knowledge to be kept out of the public eye because we don't want to affect the TiVo's subscription model in the USA at all. I can guarantee I will keep the methods required to build and inject slice files out of the public sphere.

    All of the Australian units were sold with lifetime subscription so there is no threat to any subscription model in Australia.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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