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Thread: 11.0n.K1-01-2-652

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    Jul 2010
    Upgraded both of my tivo HDs to 11.0n.K1 yesterday. Works like a champ.
    Again, each box took ~6 hours to apply the upgrade during the "this can take an hour or more" screen. Plan accordingly.

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    Aug 2012
    I also used the above code to upgrade 2 of my 3 TiVos this week. Worked great! Thank You!

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    Nov 2001
    11.0n.K1 NoMEK
    0x005d298c "92220024 27a40028"
    0x005d2990 "104000aa 0c156b35"
    0x005d2994 "27a40028 00000000"
    0x005d2998 "0c156b35 0c440709"
    0x005d29a0 "8fa20020 106000aa"
    0x01101bfc "27bdfec8 03e00008"
    0x01101c00 "afb40128 24020001"
    0x01101c24 "00a0a021 8e230040"
    0x01101c28 "0c1b5d0e 10600002"
    0x01101c2c "00602821 00000000"
    0x01101c30 "00408021 8c630000"
    0x01101c34 "1200000a 03e00008"
    0x01101c38 "00001021 8fa20020"

    Having trouble with the NoMek patch from the o/p (11n-k1). I end up with a reboot loop after applying it. Is there something else I need to do in order to use this patch? I am using a Tivo-HD XL

    Thankx for any help that can be provided,

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