I know these forums are mostly dead now, but I still have a TiVo HD running mainly for a few shows for my kids. I was running 11k or j and that machine died. I managed to get it back up and running and now on 11N. Everything seems to work except my extraction method. tyftpd appears to launch but attempting a connection generates the following.

bash-2.02# tyftpd.tcl -p 212
bash-2.02# couldn't execute "/hacks/mfs_ftp_helper": no such file or directory
while executing
"open "|$GlobalData(mfs_ftp_helper) -F $ClientData(cmd) -A $ClientData(dir) $fla
gs 2>@$ClientData(sckDC)" r"
(procedure "LIST" line 21)
invoked from within
"LIST $client"
("LIST" arm line 1)
invoked from within
"switch $ClientData(cmd) {
USER {reply $client "331 Please specify the password."}
PASS {reply $client "230 Login successful."}
NOOP {reply..."
(procedure "ProcessCommands" line 33)
invoked from within
"ProcessCommands sock30"

Any thoughts on why, will tyftpd work with this new version? does anyone have another copy maybe mine is corrupted? Extracting a few shows the kids can watch in the car is the only reason I keep this box going. Kinda sad seeing how it has died around here. this site used to be awesome.