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Thread: Cross compiler environment?

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    Cross compiler environment?

    Does anyone have a working MIPS cross-compiler environment for TiVO Series 3?

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    Have you looked at this thread?

    Otherwise, some folks have luck with IDA.

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    I must have downloaded the disassembler ages ago (but never used it)

    I just put it up here if you have trouble finding it.

    I can confirm though IDA Pro works quite well for TiVo binaries. I have used it in the past to find tivoapp patch points.
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    That's all for disassembling code.

    It might be useful to be able to compile new programs for the TiVO, hence the question.

    Something like this:
    might provide an environment in which to install a Linux 2.4 MIPS64 kernel.

    Over here:
    this guy:
    might do the trick as it is about the right vintage for TiVO.

    In /libc on the TiVO, there's a, which is indicative of what vintage libc is required. In, there's the tell tale string of "GLIBC_2.2.3" present. The above release is for 2.2.5, which should be compatible.

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