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Thread: Value of hacked Tivo HD

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    Value of hacked Tivo HD

    Anyone know the approx resale value of a working Tivo HD with prom mod, lifetime service and 1 TB drive? I recently retired this machine, and will either sell it, or Tivo has a limited time deal where I can xfer the lifetime service to a Bolt for $99 (and the old Tivo HD would be permanently deactivated). I don't need a Bolt though, and I'd kinda prefer for the Tivo HD to go to someone who can use it.

    I searched completed listings on fleabay, and can't even find any modded Tivos, so not sure if they are banned or just uncommon.

    Note: This post is just a question, not a "for sale" post.
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    I know about a $200 transaction about 30 months ago or so, FWIW. No idea today.

    Shame to waste a modded unit for the $99 lifetime on a Bolt. I'd trade you a qualifying lifetimed HD (non-modded) model so you could get the $99 offer, but I think it would be difficult to arrange in time. I'm traveling right now and the offer ends soon and there are some pesky details: I'd probably actually have to buy the Bolt on my account then trade it to you for the modded HD & equivalent cash to make it a wash for us. Not enough time.

    Maybe someone else here would be willing to make that trade with you if you decide you want a Bolt?
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    Another factor that might affect the value: do deactivated Tivo HDs still get ongoing guide data? I don't have one at hand to check out at the moment.

    If they do, an interesting situation. For OTA anyway, recording might be possible with some minor changes to tivoapp. This would compensate for losing OTA altogether if you use the $99 lifetime transfer offer for a Bolt, which does not do OTA and cable simultaneously like the HD. Makes you whole again.
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    Are hacked TiVos a good buy in 2019?

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