Hi all,
I have done several extractions already, but I didn't notice this problem until this last time. I noticed that there was a several minute skip in my video. When looking at the typrocess log, I see 'bad chunk header' repeatedly. When I open the ty file in tystudio, the video is only about half as long as it should, and the logfile looks about the same as that of typrocess. Using tytools also gives similar results. So, I decided to use my hex editor to view the file to see if anything was unusual (like all 0's or something). And sure enough, about halfway into the file, there is what appears to be guide data text (names of programs, etc...). I was using vplay to extract the files. I know I have the right FSIDs because when I open the divided ty files (there are 5 pieces of about 500MB each), I can see video. I have isolated the one piece that has the bad data in it. I tried recopying it, but it came out the same. I also tried using mfs_extract to extract the whole thing over again, and now the file doesn't have text in it, but it still has the same errors. Am I doing something wrong?? Why would these files work for most of the chunks, then get off track and start copying the wrong data? Any help would be appreciated.