I've been busy shutting down and archiving many of my shows from my "Tivo network" from the last 15 years, mostly DTV SD systems. I've got 14 units stacked up, and sadly probably all but the two HR10-250s will go to recycling.

While building a tool to capture the xml data in a more friendly format, I came to discover that TvRating was missing in all my files.

Apparently a very long time ago this moved from the showing object to the program object, but was never updated by anyone that I can tell.

I pulled the source code, looks like an easy fix.. but apparently finding the right compiler environment and/or instructions is quite a challenge. After failing at that, I resorted to a hackers approach. MpaaRating was only present on a couple of over 7000 recordings I have on 25 drives, so I replaced that with TvRating.

Use a hex editor on the executable. search for MpaaRating. Its in there three times, we only need the first one. Overwrite it with TvRating (case is important), and put 00 in the two extra spaces.

This worked great for me. Its not quite in right spot in terms of alpha sort, but that didn't matter to me. Hope this info helps someone else.

I'll miss my tivos, but won't miss the MFS corruption problems and slow hardware. It was fun learning Linux and TCL... writing patches for mfs_ftp and tivoweb. That experience has been helpful with my raspberry pi projects.