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Thread: complete beginers guide?

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    complete beginers guide?

    I just ordered a DTivo today, I am completely clueless when it comes to unix, linux, etc. . Someone told me the other day on Mirc "No you dont need to know unix, linux to to Tivo." He told me this cause I had allready been here and thought I needed to know at least the basics but he said no so I ordered). Now I come back and read again about bash prompts and command lines that just look backward to me and so I ask could someone PM me or post in this thread if its allowed, is there a place where I can find a "COMPLETE" newbies guide to Tivo, I read the stickies at top of forum and without knowing some unix, etc its all kind of greek to me. If you can help me I sure would appreaciate it. and so would my 7 year old, NASCAR is comeing up and it would keep her from missing some of her favorite cartoons, ,,,, or maybe keep me from missing my NASCAR...(much more likely)


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    Amigo, i am a newbie too so I can relate. No, there is no start to finish guide for what you want, but everything you need is here at this site. Start with something like 25xteme and go from there. A knowledge of some linux commands IS necessary, but not that difficult. These folks here are great too, and they will help you, though often it is good to ask discrete questions. I believe from what I have read that the more "professional" so to speak this forum handles itself the longer this interesting (and new to me) hobby will last.

    Don't be discouraged by no step by step guide. You can get it done without it and be better for it. Start here. And I will be the first to offer...PM me with specific questions.


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    Welcome, we all have to start somewhere. First, read the how to posts. There is a newbie guide and a step by step on making a serial cable. Pay close attention to step 6 in the newbie guide as to following Surgeons Instructions for using Extreme 2.5. If you follow this path you will be on the road to success. After you have installed 2.5xtreme this way, you can use the forum search engine to find instructions on "touch" and "bash" which is most of what you want.

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    Re: complete beginers guide?

    Originally posted by trmn8r
    is there a place where I can find a "COMPLETE" newbies guide to Tivo
    Here's a good place to start.


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    It is simpler than it appears.
    You will however have to learn some basic Linux.
    I had never dealt with Linux before October.
    If you plan to continue with your new toy you will have to learn.
    I'm sure that you and your 7 year old will appreciate your new found Knowledge.
    Take your time.
    Buy two tivo's.
    One to play ( learn ) with the other to use.
    Apply your new skills to the one you use as you learn.

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