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Thread: un touching for showcases?

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    19 un touching for showcases?

    Hello, newbie here

    Good board, 1st post, but just from a LOT of reading I have managed to load 25xtreme, touch, and just did the delete logs mod. Here is the scenario:

    I have a liftetime TIVO sub on my DSR6000's. One is touched, one is not. Yep I paid for it. I installed 25x, and added an additional 40gig HD. I "touched" the reciever because I sometimes watch channels that I am not "authorized for" and there was not a dedicated line. Anyway, what I would like to do is "untouch" the reciever so that I can put in the phone number, and dial out a couple of times. The reason I want to do this is to initiate the showcase stuff.

    This is my thought process:

    force daily call - to clear logs
    untouch reciever - (if possible/needed)
    plug in phone tivo phone number
    force daily call
    wait until I recieve the showcases (how ever many days)
    after showcases appear
    take out phone number (or at least make it invalid)
    re touch
    watch TV / showcases.

    Is this possible, or is a complete rebuild required, or just live without the showcases.


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    If you remove the SubTest file you created, I believe you can call out as normal. Then touch it back if you want.


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    Would this allow showcases to continue to come down forever, or just that one time?

    Does opening the machine up to showcases pose any extra risk in terms of software downloads that would otherwise be prevented if I had never done this step?

    -= Dave

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