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Thread: TIVO HD - "Media Access Key Temporarily Unavailable"

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    TIVO HD - RESOLVED - "Media Access Key Temporarily Unavailable"

    UPDATE - Resolved & THANK YOU!!

    If any of you THD owners have experienced the "S03" or "Media Access Key is Temporarily NOT Available" errors, then you probably know by now that the issue is most likely related to the use of a Tuning Adapter (TA). The suggestions provided by Tivo Tech Support did not resolve my problem, so I restored an old backup using winmfs and went through the inevitable rebuilding process - starting with the GSOD. Eventually, my TivoHD (THD) was updated to 11.0n.K1 (for some reason I had been stuck at 11.0n.H1). That was fine by me. I used the patch codes from psxboy and after the usual reconnection and sync process, I have a happily hacked THD working just like new.

    The real reason for this UPDATE, is I need to thank the longtime contributors to this forum for keeping the THD alive and for being so generous with their time and knowledge. In particular, psxboy has kept the current patch codes available and lrhoher has been the person who helped my set up a linux box (Debian 7.1 - Wheezy) just for the purpose of maintaining my THD. I sincerely appreciate what you have done to help me enjoy this hobby. Svenn

    UPDATED 10-19-18

    I finished all the steps suggest by Tivo Tech Support and still get the "Media Access Key Temporarily Not Available".

    Called tech support back and was told they would escalate the MAK issue and I would hear from someone within 3-5 business days. The support person suggested the missing MAK is related to my Tivo and not the Tivo Central servers. I indicated that my box connects successfully with Tivo Central and the program guide info is continually updated (through Nov 1 at this time).

    I am really at a loss for what to do now. Is there anyone out there that has experienced the same MAK issue? Is there any way to insert the MAK onto my Tivo? Thank you in advance for any help. Svenn

    **************************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************

    First, I have also posted this thread on the Tivo Community Forum (under the Tivo Help Center section). If this is improper protocol, I sincerely apologize and will cancel this posting, if necessary. The original post is as follows:

    I have a Tivo HD with a lifetime subscription that has served me well for many years. As of Oct 1, 2018, the media access key (MAK) no longer appears on the Tivo. Under Media Access Key menu tab, it states, " Media Access Key Temporarily Unavailable". As a result, I am no longer able to transfer recordings from the Tivo to my PC - as I have done for years.

    The Media Access Key (MAK) is missing from my TivoHD and I am subsequently unable to transfer recordings from the Tivo to my PC.

    My TivoHD has been recording perfectly and I have been able to transfer recordings to my PC for years using Tivo Desktop. As of Oct 1, 2018, Tivo Desktop began showing an error message when I tried to select recordings to transfer. It saw the Tivo but the connection was refused. I checked the Tivo and under >System Information >Media Access Key, it said " Media Access Key Temporarily Unavailable".

    I tried the following:
    1. reentered the MAK in Tivo Desktop = no change
    2. installed kmttg with MAK = no change
    3. rebooted router and Tivo = no change
    4. forced connection on Tivo = failed with error "S03"
    5. called Tvio Tech Support (866) 986-8486 = this is where things get interesting

    Tivo Tech Support informed me that this is a recent and known issue with TivoHDs and that the software engineers are "working on it" and that I would be notified by email when there was a fix, and to remain patient. The case number is ...5893.

    After a week with no emails and no fix, I called again and got a similar response.

    Yesterday, after 2 weeks without a resolution, I called again and got a different response. I was told that the case number was still active and was instructed to perform the following steps:
    1. Do 5 consecutive forced connections, whether successful or not.
    2. Then, disconnect the ethernet cable (network connection) from the TivoHD
    3. Wait 48 hours
    4. Reconnect the ethernet cable and force one additional connection.
    5. Check to see if the MAK is now showing up on the TivoHD
    6. If not, contact tech support again, citing case # 5893

    I completed step 1 on Wed & Thurs this week. Surprisingly, the "S03" error did not appear and all connections completed successfully. However, the MAK still shows as " Media Access Key Temporarily Unavailable".

    I disconnected the ethernet cable yesterday and will reconnect it on Friday (48 hours), at which time I will step 4.


    I got the distinct impression from the third tech person I talked to that they may not fix this issue and that transfers from TIVOHDs may no longer be possible. Has any TIVOHD owner experienced this recent problem? If so, what have you tried and has anything worked?

    Thank you very much for your patience and any help or insight you can provide.



    That is the entire posting. I am hoping that some of the members of this forum may have ideas regarding a solution. Thank you very much. Svenn
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