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Thread: Redneck approach to the Logging Problem

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    Redneck approach to the Logging Problem

    Would it be somewhat safe, if I just hooked up a timer to kill the power to the tivo once a day. I had a unit that deleted the fixsub file. I attemped the software approaches mentioned here, but got lost and gave up. I just ended up restoring it to the original hack. Somehow I was able to read and figure out how to hack it prior to extreme25, but I got lost in trying to fix the logging problem.

    Can I just hook up the damn timer to kill power?

    Is this less safe than doing a "restart the recorder"?

    Will it accomplish the same task?

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    If your tyring to get your tivo to restart this will work, but If for example you've every used a windows product, they like to be shutdown thru a software procedure, it you just power it down the "file system" where everything is stored will sometimes get corrupt. Tivo is the same, there is a posiblity that the "file system" could get corrupt. There is a software command "reboot" that comes with the tivo. You might want to check with some other forum members and find out if there is a hack for at or cron. at and cron are standard unix/linux routines that act as timers. This is just my suggestion. I'm rather a cautious person when it comes to computers.
    Did I do that...

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    1) there is no on/off switch, so unplugging power should be safe.

    2) I have killed a dtivo by unplugging power.

    3) killing power does NOTHING to the log files, UNLESS you have the rc.sysinit set to do the rm -rf /var/logs and mkdir /var/logs command

    4) I think pulling the plug is much less safe than the 'restart' command from bash or even the 3-thumb down/enter command fromt he remote.

    5) There are at tleast 2 threads with very easy instructions on how to solve the log issue.

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