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Thread: Drive swap between TiVoHD's

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    Drive swap between TiVoHD's

    I have no doubt this topic has been discussed repeatedly but I may have a new spin. I have two TivoHD's with 2TB drives that were just de-activated off my account. They are both on 11.0n. I also have two recently purchased TiVoHD's with active lifetime subscriptions that have much smaller 160GB drives.

    I'd like to use my 2TB drives in the lifetime TiVoHD's. If I swap out the 160GB drives for the 2TB drives, will the lifetime TiVoHD's boot up properly? I assume not because of the TiVo Service Number mismatch.

    Is my only option to perform the usual drive expansion upgrade? If I get an error 51, can I just clear and delete everything so the drive works with the "lifetime" motherboard.

    Thank you!
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    You will likely get error 51, but a C&DE should take care of it. I haven't worked with TiVoHDs, but the usual disk upgrade strategy should work fine.

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