35% OFF | Pure Mulberry Silk Pillow Case for Better Hair Growth | Protects Hair Whilst Sleeping | Anti-Aging for the Hair | Only $12.99

** PROTECTS HAIR LOSS: 100% Pure Authentic Mulberry Silk provides protection from losing your natural hair oils. Protecting against hair dryness and frizziness.
** HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH: Ultimate smoothness, reducing friction on your pillowcase. Preventing the hair from becoming knotted and matted during sleep.
** ANTI-AGEING FOR YOUR FACE: Allows your skin to breathe and retain moisture, helping cellular renewal and skin vitality. Silk never absorbs facial moisture.
** GET DEEPER & BETTER SLEEP: This silk is a natural temperature regulator for your body, helping to keep you cool in summer and warmer in the winter.
** HYPOALLERGENIC: Anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, and dust mite resistant. Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

Valid until April 14th, 2019