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Thread: This Board's "Perceived Reputation"?

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    Hey Otto

    Your posts counter is going up soon you won't be a member in training anymore.

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    I would expect TiVo and especially RB to read this one as well. There has been some very good discussions here as well as over there. You know, it might just be interesting to see what Vadim and RB would say about what would be acceptable to TiVo and DealDatabase so that there is no bad blood between them either.

    Just a thought.....

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    I actually don't think that Vadim and TiVo need to talk. Right or wrong, playing nice with TiVo is exactly why certain topics are taboo over at AVS forum. (Where I'm moderately active under a different nick)

    I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing. It's just that DTV has TiVo by the short hairs, and DTV is dominated by the Hollywood GroupThink: "all your bits are belong to us"

    It's not true. Fair Use is alive and needs to be defended. I was one of those who marched on Adobe when Sklyarov was arrested, and I still think Adobe got off too easy for the stunt they pulled. But they gave us the first DMCA test case, and I sincerely hope that it gets to trial so we can see the DMCA well and truly shredded.

    Nobody seems to understand copyright anymore, and the DMCA has made people afraid to even talk about it openly. I think that's a problem, and I'm starting to see signs of change.

    TiVo has to play by certain rules that we don't have to, and don't want to. I don't think we need to invite them to our sandbox.


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    I don't want to get into the middle of this debate, but I do want to say one thing in support of Otto. I've read some of his posts over at the other site & he actually is in support of the Extreme 2.5 image (for legit purposes of course) & he has not shut down threads relating to the discussion of 2.5 extreme. Without his support the threads that were quoted here in the first couple of posts would not exist(on the AVS Site). I respect his opinion & his posts on the other board have helped me immensely. I don't think he's an enemy of ours & he's even saying that he's not trying to start any type of fight here.

    That's about all I have to say. I'm not about to say that I agree with 100% of what he's posted here. Maybe I am a thief? But several people here have made posts that have helped me a great deal & if their feelings were hurt or something Otto said upset them, then I'm not going to go out of my way to defend those statements.

    All I know is that I think he has a right to be here, I still feel that he is in support of us & I'm just hoping that this doesn't get ugly.
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    Classic case of innocent opinions twisted into slurs. Exactly why it should be stopped. It's heading quickly into places nobody ever intended it to go.

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    Fantasy World
    You guys are way too uptight.
    A Toy! A New Toy! Thank the Lord UPS brought a New TOY!

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    Found this on another forum and thought you might find this of interest!


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    i posted this a week or so ago on another forum. i'm just gonna cut and paste.

    to all,
    i got a message from someone who wanted to know which pvr to buy. i figured i'd post the reply in the forum and hopefully get some replys from other folks who own one of the other units. (i'm biased towards the tivo!!!)

    my reply to MaLuBoB, (his questions in quotes)

    "I was planning on getting one of these PVR's, but im confused on which one i should get. now im thinking i should go with the tivo because there are so many hacks available for it or they say there are in the posts."

    truth be told, i'm gonna be real biased toward the tivo. i own 2 standalones. a hdr112,(origionally a 14 hour unit, now at 45hours with the addition of a 30gig wd drive, over a year old) and a hdr212 (origionally a 20 hour unit, now at 45hours with the REPLACEMENT of the origional 22gig quantum drive with a 40gig wd drive, 2 months old. both being fed video via local cable AND dss emulation.

    "can you tell me which of the tivos i should go for? a standalone or a directivo?? or is ultimatetv better?"

    again, i'm gonna be real biased toward the tivo. which one? a standalone, as a personal choice. i don't trust dtv with my viewing habits. they are a partner with tivo and can, by their user aggreements, share the files that are collected on the directivo. ie. what you've watched, when and on what channel. i have no proof that they have done this, but they could.(!)...i'm too damn paranoid.... and on top of that, with a directivo, you can only record a dtv channel!!!! no other input allowed!!! that alone is enough to tick me off!!
    the microsoft unit? i know nothing about 'em. don't want to know. think "blue screen of death" in the middle of the superbowl ....mmmm... microsoft wrote the operating system....mmmm.....ACK!

    "can i use either of these without subscribing monthly to the service? if i dont subscribe and i emulate do i have access to all its features?"

    when you buy a new tivo standalone unit you get a 2 week trial period. you get the guide and all the services. after the 2 week period, there's no more guide or auto recordings. you can still use the tivo for manual recordings. you'll get a nag screen, but you can just push a button and make it go away. the standalone tivo dosen't care what it's input source is! cable, dtv, charlie, off the air, it don't matter!

    keep in mind, i know this is the case with software version 1.3 (1.3 is on all standalone units in the production pipe now)

    version 2.0.1 is a different beast alltogether! i don't know how it reacts with no sub.

    "do i have to have the phone line for the tivo plugged in?"

    if your using the tivo service, yes. keep in mind tho, the connection between the standalone tivo and the dss receiver is simply a control port. no information is passed between the units. dtv is a partner with tivo and can, by their user aggreements, share the files that are collected. the info from the tivo is basicly what your watching, to be used as pretty much their own neilson rating system. suppose to be anonamous. mine's been running for just over a year now, hooked to a rca receiver w/emulation with no problems.

    "what hacks are available for the tivo?"

    one larger drive upgrade, 2 drive upgrades, network connections, bypassing the built-in modem to get the guide thru a network connection, tivo telnet, remote network access tivo, adding ppv listings, plus more comming! if you've got a basic understanding of linux, you got it beat! if not, some of the more advanced hacks can have a steep learning curve.

    "whats the cheapest price tivo i could find that is fully hackable?"

    i paid $199 for the drd112 and $249 for the drd212. retail! if you don't mind buying without laying your hands on it first, their cheaper on the net.

    "could i emulate with the tivo with a sony b50?"

    if you can emulate with it now, sure!

    "thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions. thanks in advance. Bobby"

    no sweat, Bobby. good luck!

    ok, folks. let's hear from the other camps!


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    05-20-2001 03:36 PM

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    Aaaaa, memories......

    A post from the den a year ago, a place laid out and designed for a topic not fully disscussed here.

    I've also fudged on my taxes, told a girl in colledge I was from europe (to get laid) and even tried to count cards in vegas one time.

    Any other questions about my past?

    The point of my post was that I was worried that this forum would be thought of in the same way as the place where you found my post from last year.

    BubbbaJ replied that they were aware of that and had no worries. that's good enough for me. (I paraphrase)

    But thanks for making me the topic of your very first post!

    ..... yeah, right.......

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    I just want to know if the "I'm from Europe" line worked...
    -- digitalAir

    1 DSR6000R (35 hour) currently running Xtreme 3.1 and tivonet

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    Originally posted by digitalAir
    I just want to know if the "I'm from Europe" line worked...
    actually, it did!

    i used a really bad accent, but the poor girl was'nt the sharpest knife in the drawer....

    boy, you talk about pissed when she found out... whew!

    Aaaaa... memories....

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    posts like this one don't help the rep:

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    you want me to email vadim and tell him he did a no-no..

    I will.. .. tell you how it turned out tommorrow..

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    Sorry Fugg

    The only reason that I posted this was to make the point that you are no better than the people you are spitting on. Yes, I steal DSS and want to hack Tivo. Not just for the free service, but as a hobby. I love to tinker with things. It just makes me mad to see people putting themselves above others when they are doing the same thing but don't have the balls to say it. And by the way that was my first post.

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    Aww, jeeze dude!

    man, please re-read my posts!

    i was not spitting on anyone! my suggestion was actually to start another forum (in addition to the origional two) for the freetv side of things.

    other than the sparring with Otto, () BubbaJ replied to my post, and more or less, told me "Naaa, Your full of Poop!" (ok, words to that effect...)

    btw, after doing a little deep reading, i see his point!

    in my second post i said, "Each man is free to do what he wants and it's not my call to say otherwise." i thought that was pretty clear.

    i by no means put myself above anyone on this board. quite the contrary. some of the minds on this board make me look like a preschooler.

    if i wanted to hide something, would i have used the same nick at both boards, and others as well?

    absolutely no harm or slight was intended.

    i'm sorry if you took it that way.

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    I read the Fugg's post when he just posted it, and then I didn't read again until today (I was busy), and WOW! Many Intersting things are posted here, Maybe I should print this out and read it before I go to bed? Because there is so much to read I can't keep up with it.
    What shocked me the most was Otto, someone (name will be anonymous) told me couple days ago, "You know I think Otto is reading your board 24/7", I said why you say that? This person responded "He always qoutes stuff on AVS". Others may wonder but facts are there. I also like what he said "I used to steal DTV service in college", and now?

    However no matter what was posted Fugg is right, the image is turning into this super pirate board, even thought I'm trying to keep it clean from DTV hacking but no matter what people don't listen.
    Yet making another topic that says "FreeTV" I don't want to do it, that is not legal speacially hacking DTV will not be happening on my board, TiVo ok, DTiVo ok too as long as you are hacking DTiVo because there are no laws or agreements that you said that say No No!
    Video Extraction Ha! Please, AND PLEASE DO NOT tell me this bullshit like these morons say on AVS "someone will make napster like software to share mpeg2 movies", if they DO LET THEM! The movies are so big if 25 shares are made a day WHO CARES? I obviously don't. Also these patriotics morons always say we are ruining TiVo they are such a nice company for letting us use TiVo. One word MORONS! It's business, feel like donating money to TiVo because you feel $10/month not enough? Donate it to charity, be more use there! TiVo Inc is a BUSINESS! They are not a non-profit oganization so stop bitching that they don't have enough $$$. I cannot support that, it's the same as microsoft going out and asking for donations.

    Now let's get back to the point, THOSE WHO WANT TO STEAL SERVICE THEY WILL, THOSE WHO DON'T WON'T!
    It's not easy to change someones religion so think of it this way.
    Me Making all these rules on prevanting so much won't do anything, it may keep out couple morons who still didn't learn how to use a floppy drive but most are capable of following the FAQs and other stuff that is NOT even posted on this site and hack DTiVo/TiVo/DTV or whatever the heck they want to do.
    Allowing asking help on the site is ANOTHER thing, however how many of you will go to a separate topic to ask help on how to steal service?

    Not many, also those morons that sell on ebay DTiVos that require no subscription, well check out CCC they do the same thing for many many many month even before this board.

    Now most of you been newbies sometime before too and may asked dumb questions, but all I CAN OFFER at this point is making a Newbie forum and an EXPERT forum. When I say forum I mean I will add another topic to the list, so it will be TiVo Hacking, DTiVo Hacking, TiVo General, HP Crap, Expert Hacking, Newbies Hacking.

    Let me know.
    - Vadim

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