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Thread: Sony T60, What Hard Drives to use?

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    Question Sony T60, What Hard Drives to use?

    Hello all,
    I finally got my T60 working thanks to everyone in #TivoHack on DALNet, Thanks.

    Now all I've got to do is take spuerzap's advice to adjust the log files.

    Anyhow, Here's my question.

    What hard drive's are good to use? I removed the factory drive mine came with so I wouldn't have to back anything up and I used a Maxtor 40.9 gig Ultra ATA 100 7200 I had extra here at home. It works great but I wanted to get more recording space so I was wondering what is the better, larger drive to use?

    Does it require 7200 or 5400 rpm? Ultra ATA 33, 66, 100? Does it make any performance difference?

    Thanks for the time,

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    I used a Maxtor 120 for "A" and a Maxtor 80 for "B". Both are 5400 rpm (I've read that 7200's get to hot) I get 188 hrs of recording time with this combination.

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